Fiesta del norte Judge: Jose Antonio Vasquez

Northern Lights Judge: Ernesto Sandigo

The Peruvian Horse has long been recognized as the smoothest horse in the world.  Its gait is completely natural from birth and is not trained in any way.  The "Brio" of the Peruvian Horse is unique to the breed and is evident in their willingness to please.  It is part of what makes these horses perfect for the young and young at heart, competitive show goer and relaxed trail rider.

For more information about the Peruvian Horse, please visit the North American Peruvian Horse Association.

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The Peruvian Horse.

Fiesta del Norte/ Northern Lights Peruvian Horse Double Show

This will be the third double show for Fiesta del Norte!!! Same weekend, same arena, two shows, two judges, two sets of ribbons, this is time to bring the fun!!! Only one show fee, hotel, gas for the trip... it's a win-win!!!  We look forward to seeing you at the 21st annual Fiesta del Norte and third Northern Lights Peruvian Horse Show!!!

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August 10-11, 2019

Ellsworth equestrian center

Iowa Falls, iowa